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Top Industrial Shed Contractors in Tamilnadu

Best Industrial Shed contractors in Tamilnadu  
Quality roofs pvt ltd is the leading Industrial shed contractors in Tamilnadu, we undertake all kinds of  Roofing Sheds and also the specialised Industrial Shed Contractors for  Ware house roofing sheds, Factors sheds, Godown sheds etc., using quality roofing sheets like PPGI and PPGL sheets. we have well knowledge technicians and expert fabricator in our organisation to handle the projects  good quality. we have completed many more Roofings in all over India.
 Metal roofing Sheds benefits
Metal roofing VS Rcc buildings
Nowadays all are going for Metal Roofing Sheds because it is very cheap comparing RCC buildings, time save comparing civil building. example : – if you want to build 10000 sqft metal building roofing shed need only 20 to 25 days but it RCC building need more than 4 to 5 month.
Major benefits of Metal roofing Industrial Sheds
 Dismantling system is the major advantages in Metal roofing because it is very easy to dismantle and refixing to other place with any damages.

Industrial Roofing with Insulation

We are specialised in all types of Roofings like Industrial roofing, Terrace Roofing, Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing etc., In Industrial roofing system necessary to do Insulation because it will cut the hot in 60% to 70% in summer then give Turbo Ventilaors and give more windows and louvers.

Sheet quality for Industrial sheds

we are using best Quality Roofing Sheets like Pre painted Galvalume sheets and Pre painted Galvanised sheets of maximum thickness and Screws is the important role in sheets Fixing time beacuse first corrosion happen in screw next spread to sheets. so compulsory use zinc coated screws with rubber washers. This metal sheets are only one time investment process because this are all maintenance free with stand for all weather condition, the life span of the metal sheet are more than 20 years.

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