PPGL Sheets

Pre Painted Galvalue Trapezoidal Profile Sheet

We are procured High quality Pre Painted Galvalue Trapezoidal profile sheets using most modern Technology which has long term durability, special metallic coating, a spectrum  of colors and aesthetic beauty, which is manufactured by international standards to enhance the long life and value of the building. The profiled sheets are supplied in customized size, it is available from 1 mtr length to 7mtr length and width is 1.06 mtr standard. This sheets are high corrosion resistance, these are extensively used for a wide range of construction activities, particularly top roofing and wall cladding.


Pre-Painted Galvalume Steel Sheets (PPGL) (Alu-Zinc alloy coated)
Aluminium Zinc Coating AZ150
Paint Coating RMP/SMP
Painting Thickness (top) 18-20 microns
Painting Thickness (bottom) 5-7 microns Alkyd baked coat
Surface Paint Reflection Glossy finish


Available colors:-

Dark blue, light blue, off white, dark green, light green, dark red, terracotta and aluminium colour

Available thickness:-

0.35mm, 0.40mm,  0.45mm, 0.47mm and 0.50mm thick


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