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Puf Panel Roofing System

Puf Panel Roofing

Puf Panel Roofing Benefits

Major benefits of Puf Panel Roofing is good heat insulation and good sound insulation. Mostly Puf  Panel Roofing doing for cooling purpose and noise reduction purpose. So it will be used for terrace roofing system, site offices, cold storage building, warehouse sheds etc.,

Durability and long life

Puf  Panel roofing is called as sandwich panel because Polyurethane foam inside and outer two sides Metal roofing sheets. So this is minimum maintenance and life is more than 25 years,  but other asbestos , Frp and other PVC sheets can require re-roofing every 7 to 10 years, In hot weather, the ultraviolet (UV) rays will be weakening the PVC, Frp and Asphaltic roof sheets. But Puf panel will not weakening even adverse weather condition. This Panels are coming various colours and customized size.

 Styles, Patterns and Designs

Across the all over India, there are many different regional preferences of Puf Paneling system, depending on the climate and architectural style.  No matter climate or style, you can find to match your requirement, for example somebody using for Residential Shed purpose and Industrial Shed purpose.

Suit for both

  • Residential shed purpose
  • Industrial shed purpose.

Application of Puf Panel Roofing System 

This Puf Paneling system can be possible to do for Industrial Roofing, Residential Roofing, Terrace Roofing, Ware House Roofing etc., because this type of Puf Panel Roofing system will be less time consuming compare RCC roofing system. Well Knowledge and skilled Roofing Contractors can be completed the 1000 sqft area within 3 to 4 days. it can be dismantle and re fixing  from one place to another place very easily.

Puf Panel specification

Normally Puf Panel Roofing panels are available for 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm and 100mm, Available length – any length up to 20ft of any length.

Available colours :

  • Dark blue and light Blue
  • off White
  • Red
  • Aluminium


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