Thermal Insulation Material


 Glass wool is a form of fiberglass where very thin strands of fiberglass are arranged in to a spongy texture similar to steel wool. Glasswool offers very good fire-resistance properties as a thermal insulation material and is also widely used as an absorbent material in acoustic treatments. Its light weight, flexibility and elasticity make it easy to install. The cohesion and mechanical strength of the product is obtained by the presence of a binder that “ cements” the fibers together.

Glass wool with its outstanding acoustic performance has excellent acoustic abosorption characteristics. Whether it is sound insulation for industry, commercial premises, public buildings or domestic applications.

Aluminium foil air bubble insulation material

Airbubble insulation as an efficient  blocking material to stop the heat penetration from outer environment to your home or industrial premises, which shall be made of two layers of fire retardant big air bubble film laminated with both side pure aluminium foil. It giving you more energy consumption that requires maintaining specific temperature inside the building. The scientific research has told aluminium airbubble insulation is the best solution to cut the 80% of heat coming inside the building. That aluminium foil material reflects the hot sun rays coming inside the building to give better cooling effect.

Available Thickness

4mm and 8mm thick


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