Turbo Ventilators

Turbo Ventilator

Wind turbo ventilator is a free spinning roof ventilator that provides fresh air and reduce humidity in your roofing space and living area all year around 24 hours a day with nil recurring cost.


  1. Wind ventilators are manufactured in high grade aluminium including the rivets and therefore fully free of atmospheric corrosion.
  2. Wind ventilators are light in weight and low operational at very light wind speeds
  3. No power required.
  4. The atmospheric temperature gets reduced by 3o c @ 4km/hr wind speed


  1. The design of the vent is avoid rainwater entering inside the ventilator.
  1. It can be fitted easily on asbestos and galvanised roofing sheets.
  1. It removes all industrial fumes, kitchen fumes, cigarette, smoke etc.,


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